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THC Beverages from Melo: A Fun and Flavorful Review


As a fan of trying new beverages, I recently got the chance to check out Melo’s line of THC-infused seltzers in Grapefruit and Wild Berries flavors. Let me tell you, these seltzers were quite the experience! I’ll share my thoughts on each one and give you the lowdown on whether you should give them a try.

Grapefruit Seltzer

Let’s start with the Grapefruit flavor. As soon as I popped the can, the zesty aroma of grapefruit hit my nose, promising a refreshing and tangy experience. Taking a sip, I was instantly greeted by the tart and slightly sweet taste of grapefruit, which was perfectly balanced. The THC content was just right for me—not too overpowering but still enough to give me a nice, relaxing buzz. I liked how the seltzer was not overly carbonated, making it smooth and easy to drink. The only downside for me was that it didn’t last very long because I kept reaching for another can!
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Wild Berries Seltzer

Now, onto the Wild Berries flavor. This one was a whole different vibe! The first thing I noticed was the vibrant color and fruity aroma when I opened the can. It gave me nostalgia for summer berry picking. The flavor was bursting with a mix of berries, making it a delightful, fruity option. The THC content was similar to the Grapefruit, providing a mellow and relaxing experience without feeling overly intoxicated. I appreciated the refreshing taste, and I could see myself sipping this during a chill hangout with friends or a casual evening in.
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In comparison, I found both flavors enjoyable for different reasons. Grapefruit was a refreshing, zesty pick-me-up, while Wild Berries was a fun and fruity treat. The carbonation levels were similar in both, offering a nice, light fizz that complemented the flavors well. Overall, I enjoyed both and would recommend them depending on your flavor preference.

If you’re looking for a THC-infused beverage that combines great taste and a relaxing effect, I suggest giving Melo’s seltzers a try. Whether you prefer the tangy Grapefruit or the fruity Wild Berries, you can’t go wrong with either choice. Cheers to a good time!

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